ODCCA Officers

PresidentJanet Carson (Geauga)
1st Vice PresidentJohn Welker (Medina)
2nd Vice PresidentGrace Cherrington (Licking)
SecretaryAnn Reno (Clinton)
TreasurerAmy Grubbe (Erie)
Sargeant at ArmsEd Helvey (Delaware)

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Kasich - Security Costs

Gov. John Kasich has spent more than 177 days out of state — that’s a figure from last month, it’s certainly gone up since then — and he’s spent more than $350,000 of Ohioans’ tax dollars on security for out-of-state travel to bolster his failing presidential run.

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Ohio Counties

BE INVOLVED! Volunteer with your local Democratic county party. Find your local county chair and contact him/her. Also you will find a list of those counties with permanent or seasonal headquarters, location, phone number, website, facebook and twitter.

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Next POSSBILE Election: Special Election, Tuesday, August 2, 2016
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